Myopia is a vision problem that affects many people, especially children. There has been debate in the medical community about whether the growth of myopia can be slowed. Research has demonstrated that rigid gas permeable contacts were able to slow down the development of myopia in over 25% of children wearing them. There are a number of signals a child will give to show that they are suffering from this condition.

Children who are suffering from myopia may complain of headaches on a regular basis. They may also suffer from eyestrain when they are trying to look at objects just a few feet away from them. The vast majority of children who have myopia are not able to clearly see distant objects. If you notice that your child is consistently moving close to objects in order to see them, this is a bad sign. If you notice any of the things mentioned above, you should consult with your doctor or pediatrician immediately.

Even though RGP contacts are not capable of stopping this disease, they have been shown to slow down its growth. Research has shown that myopia did not spread rapidly in children who wore RGP contacts, while children who wore glasses or soft contacts did not see an improvement. The effects of the RGP lenses are not constant, and they do not have a permanent effect on the shape of the cornea. Studies have also shown that those with myopia tend to have a cornea which has an oval shape.

It is likely the RGP contacts offer health benefits that are not found in glasses or other types of contact lenses. These contacts are much harder, and effectively allow oxygen to reach the eyes. In addition to myopia, they are also effective in fighting against astigmatism. All of these combined features make RGP contacts worth wearing despite the fact they are can be uncomfortable to wear. When a child first begins wearing RGP contacts, it will take them a few weeks to get used to them.

It is best to allow children to wear these contacts when they are responsible enough to handle them. It is important for parents to teach them the importance of caring for their lenses, cleaning them as scheduled. While it is not possible with current technology to cure myopia, RGP contacts are efficient in slowing down the growth of this disease.

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